0.2 mL 8-Strip Flat Caps

Part Number: PCT-0002-8CF

Quality PCR Tubes

Biotix PCR tubes are manufactured under stringent QC protocols with medical-grade virgin polypropylene. These tubes consist of a thin and uniform wall thickness that provides equal thermal transfer though the tube for optimal amplification.


Why Biotix PCR tubes are a great choice:

• Precision engineered caps which prevent leaking and evaporative effects when heated.

• Certified free of DNase, RNase, endotoxins (pyrogens) and PCR inhibitors.

• Flat cap which is easy to open and close one handed.

• These tubes click closed so you know you’ve made a secure seal.

0.2 mL 8-Strip PCR Flat Caps

Product Specifications
0.2 mLNo125 caps/bag10 bags/case$44.00$440.00