All of our products are certified to be free of detectable RNase, DNase, Nucleic Acids, Endotoxins, and PCR inhibitors. If an additional level of purity is required, we recommend purchasing our pre-sterilized product. If your procedures require autoclaving, please use the following recommended settings:

Set Autoclave for 121 degrees Celcius, 15 PSI (1 ATM) for 15 minutes. Do not use a dry cycle, as this may distort the tips.

The shelf life of Biotix products is 5 years from the date of manufacture. This expiration date is found on the label located on the pack box. It is represented by an hourglass and in year-month format.

“Pre-Sterile” tips undergo irradiation post-manufacturing in order to destroy the reproductive capabilities of microorganisms. Biotix products are compliant with ISO 11137-2_2013 and are audited quarterly to a SAL (sterility assurance level) of 10-3.

We ship from San Diego, California. Please refer to the UPS website for estimated shipping times from our facility.

Biotix manufactures our products in Tijuana, Mexico. All product are manufactured under an ISO9001:2015 certified QMS system. 

You can find Biotix Certificates of Analysis under the resources menu option above or by clicking below. You will need to input the products lot number.

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You can find specification sheets for every product by clicking on the appropriate product page and choosing the product number.

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