Features that Ensure Accuracy and Precision

Engineers at Biotix have spent years developing technologically advanced pipette tips that include innovative features for better performance.


Biotix tips are manufactured from a low retention resin that maximizes sample recovery and provides accurate and precise measurements.

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Our patented Blade technology lowers the chance of hanging droplet formation by optimizing the surface area at the distal end of the tip. This results in more precise measurements. See Biotix Blade® technology in action in the video below.

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FlexFit sealing technology creates a flexible proximal end that allows you to securely seal your pipette with less insertion force. Tips won’t fall off your multichannel pipette, and fluid measurement will stay consistent.

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See Biotix X-Resin® technology in action

Want to see it for yourself? Contact us, and we’ll demonstrate the difference between low retention Biotix pipette tips and competitor tips. The sample sticks to the sides of competitor tips but not ours. Even clear solutions can build up on the sides of your pipette tips and impact your results.

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The Benefits of Accuracy and Precision

Want to improve the reproducibility of your data? Choosing the right pipette tip can make all the difference.

Pipette with precision:

Low drag seals and lighter springs produce a smooth, controlled draw.

Improve data reproducibility:

The positive stop feature creates identical tip alignment and sealing with every tip.

Lock in accuracy:

The volume lock ensures accurate and precise measurements by eliminating volume drift.

Try Our Products to Experience the Difference

When it comes to lab equipment, sometimes you just need to see it for yourself. Contact us today for samples or to set up a demo in your lab and see first hand how Biotix products can improve your data quality.