Ergonomic Pipettes and Pipette Tips Reduce Injury Risk and Improve Accuracy

Ergonomics is the science of fitting each employee’s working environment to their specific needs. Biotix has invested in ergonomic innovation and earned numerous patents, leading to substantial advancements in pipettes and pipette tips. All of our products include ergonomic features that greatly minimize the risk of injury, fatigue, and inaccurate data.

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Ergonomic Pipettes: Key Features

Manual Pipetting is a highly repetitive process that can have lasting effects on your hands, wrists, and shoulders. Our pipettes are designed to improve the ergonomics of traditional systems by reducing the forces you’re exposed to during pipetting. The patented light force ejection system incorporated into our pipettes and pipette tips produce the lowest ejection forces on the market, helping reduce your risk of developing repetitive stress injuries and muscle fatigue.

  • Cylindrical tip ends meet the positive stop feature of Biotix pipette tips to create identical tip alignment and secure seals.
  • Low ejection force system: up to 5X less ejection force than traditional pipetting systems.
  • Easy-to-reach ejector button and cushioned ejectors reduce your thumb impact and stress when ejecting a tip.
  • Low drag seals and light spring forces produce a smooth, controlled draw.
  • Symmetrical design makes operation identical for left- or right-handed scientists.
  • Finger hook provides a comfortable, ergonomic resting position.
  • Volume lock ensures accurate and precise measurements, without volume drift.
  • Superior accuracy and precision for more reliable data.
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Ergonomic Pipette Tips: Key Features


flexible proximal ends require less force to insert and eject a tip, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Tips stay on securely, and liquid transfers remain precise.

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positive stop technology in our xTIP4 tip works with LTS-style pipettes to create a strong seal with less ejection force. The positive stop prevents jamming on the tips, which is attributed to higher ejection force seen in universal style pipette systems.

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