The Heart of Biotix is Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Biotix Engineering. Our product development starts with questions. How can we develop a product that enables researchers to achieve more accurate and precise results? How can we shorten the time between question and answer? How can we engineer products to use less resources? How can we drive this innovation across our industry and beyond to make a significant and overwhelmingly positive impact?


We invite you to join our quest for game-changing innovation one aspiration at a time.

 Get a better handle on liquid handling.

Scientifically advanced pipette tips, pipettes, tubes, reservoirs and plates.




Innovation that makes a difference.

Technological breakthroughs found only in the
most advanced liquid handling tools available.


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Manual Pipette Tips

Services for a competitive advantage.

Custom engineering, quality manufacturing capacity, plus assembly and kitting services—all designed around you.


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