With Biotix, there’s no worrying,
no guesswork—just the best tip
on the market.

You need absolute confidence in your results. That’s why Biotix tips are engineered to increase pipetting accuracy, improve fit and flexibility, and keep contamination out of the picture.
So you can worry less and do more.

A tip that talks.

Contamination won’t be a mystery anymore.
Our patented aerosol filter changes color instantly if it comes in contact with liquid, warning you that your pipettor may be contaminated.

A clean delivery.

No hanging droplets here. Engineered to minimize the surface area at the distal end, your Biotix tip prevents droplet formation, which eliminates the need for tip touch-off and increases precision.

A perfect fit.

Finally, there’s no need to force a fit. Your Biotix tip is designed for a universal fit that literally flexes to conform to the end of your pipette.

A Bench-Eye View

You’ve never seen pipetting quite like this!

Tune in for “Tip Tips!” and see why Biotix is the best tip on the market.

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The best tip deserves the best pipette

Introducing the Biotix Cobra® Pipettor System

Biotix Cobra Pipettor System Locking Volume Adjuster Ergonomic Finger-Hook Adjustable Tip-Ejector Button Durable Construction Internal Stainless Steel Piston