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legacy part# 63300160

Pipetting is a highly repetitive motion which can have lasting effects on your hand, wrist and shoulder. Biotix® xPIPETTE™ is designed to improve the ergonomics of traditional pipetting systems by reducing the forces you’re exposed to during this repetitive process. The patented light force ejection system built into xTIP4 and xPIPETTE produce the lowest ejection forces on the market, reducing your risk of developing repetitive stress injuries and muscle fatigue.

Accurate, precise, and more ergonomic:

  • Compatible with Biotix xTIP4 and Rainin® LTS™ pipette tips.
  • When inserting a tip the pipette contacts the positive stop in xTIP4 pipette tips to create identical tip alignment and sealing every time
  • Up to 5X less ejection force than traditional pipetting systems
  • Low drag seals and light spring forces produce a smooth accurate draw with lighter force
  • Easy to reach ejector button is cushioned to reduce dynamic stresses when ejecting a tip
  • Volume lock ensures your measurements are accurate and precise without volume drift
  • Designed to be rugged and durable for long term use with a low cost of ownership

Product Specifications

CompatibilityVolumeType Quantity

0.2 - 2 µL

Single Channel



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