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Pipette tip racks are fully autoclaveable at 121° C after transfer from reload. Tip Eject reloads are compatible with Biotix xPIPETTE and Rainin LTS pipette.

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Tip Eject Reload Features


The Tip Eject reload system automatically aligns the reload with your empty rack. Simply press down on the top to easily transfer the new tips to your rack.

Efficient use of lab space

Vertically stacked snapcards take up less space on your lab bench, with up to 10 full reload racks using the same space as 1 rack of conventional racked tips.

Minimize contamination

This self-aligning reload solution allows you to easily reload your racks without coming into contact with the tips. The rigid plastic covering also shields unused tips during storage for later use.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Creates 30% less plastic waste when compared to racked tips. The rack base that comes with each pack can be reused as automation 96-well reservoirs, and components are made with recyclable materials.

In addition to Tip Eject, we also offer an additional reload solution option called CleanPak. CleanPak reloads arrive hermetically sealed in a plastic bag and provide many of the same benefits as the Tip Eject reloads, all while using less packaging material and generating even less waste. The CleanPak tip reload option is compatible with universal pipettes as well as Biotix xPIPETTE and Rainin LTS pipettes.

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