The Most Sustainable Tip Reload System


Our CleanPak tip reloads are available for universal pipettes as well as Biotix xPIPETTE and Rainin’s LTS compatible pipettes. All Biotix  tips and racks are fully autoclaveable at 121° C.

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CleanPak Reload Features

Prevent contamination

Reloads arrive hermetically sealed in a medical-grade bag, without exposure to cardboard packaging or other forms of contamination. Resealable plastic bag provides protection during transportation and also while being stored.

Efficient use of lab space

With CleanPak, 960 tips use the same space as 1 rack on your lab bench. Make the most of your workspace and prevent clutter with this space-conscious design.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

The rack base that comes with each pack can be reused as an automation 96-well reservoir, and all components are made with recyclable materials. Our pipette tips and pipette tip racks have also been engineered and manufactured to use less plastic from the start.

Easily identify tip sizes

The tip snapcards in the clear CleanPak bags are color-coded to indicate different tip volumes, allowing for fast and easy identification of different tip sizes.

Choosing Biotix CleanPak reloads

Choosing the right tips and reload options for your lab isn't always easy. With Biotix CleanPak reloads, you're able to enjoy all the benefits of pipette tip reloads without sacrificing convenience. You'll be able to maximize your lab space and reduce your environmental impact, all while staying within your budget.

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In addition to CleanPak, we also offer another reload solution option called Tip Eject. Tip Eject reloads provide many of the same benefits as the CleanPak reloads, while also allowing for a contact-free reload process to reload your empty racks.

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