Part# 63300104

legacy part# AP-0350-9CU

Ideal for compound libraries, combinatorial chemistry, and luminescent assays, Biotix assay plates are made of non-treated, medical-grade virgin polypropylene in 96-well format. These plates are certified free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins (pyrogens).


Why choose Biotix assay plates:

  • Large well diameter with raised “chimney” style wells which help reduce the chance of cross-contamination and allow a secure seal for sealing mats and sealing films.
  • Alphanumeric grid to help with sample identification and organization.
  • Notched bottom corner to be used as a reference for plate orientation.
  • Available in V-bottom and U-bottom wells dependent on your assay requirements.

Product Specifications

VolumeSterilizedPackaging TypeType Quantity

350 µL



10 plates/pack

10 packs/case


Data Sheet
Biotix Assay Plates Data Sheet