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Pipetting is a highly repetitive motion which can have lasting effects on your hand, wrist and shoulder. Biotix® uPIPETTE™ is designed to improve the ergonomics of traditional pipetting systems by reducing the forces you’re exposed to during this repetitive process.

Accurate, precise, and more ergonomic:

  • Compatible with Biotix uTip and other universal pipette tips.
  • Low drag seals and light spring forces produce a smooth accurate draw with lighter force
  • Easy to reach ejector button is cushioned to reduce dynamic stresses when ejecting a tip
  • Volume lock ensures your measurements are accurate and precise without volume drift
  • Designed to be rugged and durable for long term use with a low cost of ownership

Product Specifications

CompatibilityVolumeType Quantity

0.2 - 2 µL

Single Channel



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u PIPETTE Brochure

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