Part# 63300022

Improve the ergonomics of your lab with xTIP4 pipette tips. These tips feature positive stop technology ensuring every tip you attach ejects with minimal force. Everyone in your lab will benefit from the low ejection force without having to change his or her technique or pipetting style. xTIP4 tips are made for a perfect fit on the Biotix xPIPETTE, they are also fully compatible with Rainin’s LTS pipettes.


  • Compatible with the Biotix xPIPETTE and Rainin’s LTS pipette
  • Light insertion and ejection forces
  • Low binding X-Resin maximizes your sample recovery
  • Reduce plastic waste, Biotix tip racks use 30% less plastic then leading competitors
  • Working Volume: 20-300µL


Each lot of Biotix tips are tested and certified free of DNase/RNase, endotoxins/pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, and human DNA.

Product Specifications

CompatibilityVolumeSterilizedPackaging Type Quantity

300 µL

No Racked

10 racks of 96/pack

5 packs/case


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Accuracy and PrecisionxTIP4 BrochureBiotix xTIP4 300 μL Spec Sheet