Pure Resin uTIP

Part# 63305417

Pure Resin 100% Virgin Polypropylene Pipette Tips


Keep your pipette protected from cross contamination with Biotix filter pipette tips. The polyethylene filter blocks aerosol contaminants with a 99.99% bacterial filter efficiency. Along with the extra protection, Biotix tips have FlexFit sealing technology. This feature is unique to Biotix tips and creates maximum flexibility in the seal area. That means less force to attach and eject tips, and the ability to seal securely on pipettes from many different manufacturers.


  • Universal fit, compatible with a wide range of pipettes
  • Light insertion and ejection forces
  • Reduce plastic waste, Biotix tip racks use 30% less plastic then leading competitors
  • Sterilized
  • Working Volume: 100-1000µL


Each lot of Biotix tips are tested and certified free of DNase/RNase, endotoxins/pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, and human DNA

Product Features

Pure uTIP universal pipette tips feature:

FlexFit®Flexible Proximal End

Reduces the amount of force needed to attach and eject a tip, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI)_.

Blade®Optimal Surface Area

Blade technology lowers the chance of hanging droplet formation by optimizing surface area at the distal end of the tip, saving time with each draw and improving precision.

Pure Resin100% virgin polypropylene

Pure resin means no additives are released into the environment when our pipette tips are disposed of

Product Specifications

CompatibilityVolumeSterilizedFilteredPackaging Type Quantity

1000 µL

Yes Yes Racked

10 racks of 96/pack

4 packs/case


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