xPIPETTE Manual Pipettes

Accurate and precise with better ergonomics

Manual Pipetting is a highly repetitive process that can have lasting effects on your hand, wrist, and shoulder. Biotix xPIPETTE is designed to improve the ergonomics of traditional systems by reducing the forces you’re exposed to during pipetting. The patented light force ejection system designed into xTIP4 and xPIPETTE produce the lowest ejection forces on the market, reducing your risk of developing repetitive stress injuries and muscle fatigue.


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Perfect Ergonomic System

The pipette works alongside patented features of Biotix xTIP4

pipette tips to create a low ejection force system. The light

ejection force helps reduce muscle fatigue and the risk of

repetitive stress injuries (RSI).














Pipette With Precision

Low drag seals and lighter springs produce a

smooth controlled draw.














Improve Data Reproducibility

The pipette contacts the positive stop feature in Biotix xTIP4

pipette tips to create identical tip alignment and sealing

with every tip.














Stress Free Ejection

Cushioned ejectors reduce your thumb impact and stress

when ejecting a tip. xPIPETTE result in up to 5x

less ejection force than traditional tip-pipette systems.















Ergonomic Design

The symmetrical design of xPIPETTE

makes operation easy for leftys and rightys.















All Day Comfort

The finger hook creates an ergonomic resting position

while you’re not pipetting.















Locked in Accuracy

The volume lock ensures accurate and precise

measurements by eliminating volume drift.