A new clean, easy reload solution for users of Rainin® LTS pipettes

Biotix announces a covered reload system, Tip Eject® that reduces handling contamination while saving plastic


SAN DIEGO – April 20, 2017 – Biotix Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of liquid handling tools, announces the introduction of Tip Eject, an easy to use, one-handed reload solution for laboratories using Rainin® LTS pipette who are concerned about contamination. The tower design of the Tip Eject system allows reloading of the xTIP Pipette Tip racks without coming into contact with the pipette tips or snapcard. Tip Eject uses a rigid plastic shell that shields tips from the laboratory environment from the top down, keeping contamination out and ensuring more confidence in reproducible data.


The Tip Eject reload tower has several advantages including contamination prevention, saving space, ease of use, and reducing the environmental footprint. Tips are stacked vertically:10 racks use the same amount of bench space as one rack; packed in medical grade recyclable plastic packaging. Biotix reload systems use considerably less plastic, up to 44% less. “We are continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory consumables. We believe our customers hold the same values that we do about minimizing the impact of research on the environment. Tip Eject is just one of the many ways we are accomplishing this,” says Sean Callahan, Director of Manufacturing Operations.  The cover prevents contamination eliminating the need for autoclaving after loading, further reducing labor and the environmental footprint of the pipette tips. There is no cardboard material that can cause contamination concerns.


Designed for xTIP Pipette Tips with low retention, Tip Eject brings added convenience to people who use Rainin LTS pipettes. xTIP Pipette Tips feature innovations exclusive to Biotix tips that are designed to reduce user error and increase accuracy and precision. These include FlexFit, a patented technology that ensures a secure seal while improving ergonomics; X-Resin, a proprietary resin with low retentive qualities that improve sample uniformity and CV values; and Blade technology that prevents droplet formation and eliminates the need for tip touch-off.


The Tip Eject solution is available in color-coded packs for 20μL, 250μL, and 1000μL xTIP Pipette Tips. Visit www.biotix.com/tipeject  for more information.


About Biotix, Inc.

Biotix, Inc. develops and manufactures laboratory consumables and liquid handling solutions for life science, clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories. Biotix specializes in pipette tip innovation, engineering tips that improve accuracy, precision, and ergonomics.  The company offers manual tips (uTIP and xTIP), automation tips (aTIP) for robotic applications, ergonomically designed pipette systems, reagent reservoirs, high-quality microcentrifuge and PCR tubes, as well as a range of plates. Biotix also provides various solutions from assembly and kitting to custom engineering. Biotix products are available through various distributors in the United States and Internationally. Biotix, Inc. was incorporated in 2005 and is based in San Diego, California.