Cobra Manual Pipettes

Single-channel and multichannel pipettes designed for comfort and accuracy.

 What makes the Cobra the most comfortable pipette ever? The latest air displacement technology combined with advanced ergonomic research. The extremely low pipetting forces required reduce the risk of repetitive stress disorder while the advanced control settings ensure accuracy in ranges from 0.2 µL to 1000 µL.



Perfect fit

FlexFit technology provides flexibility on the proximal end of tips, reducing the necessary insertion and ejection forces between pipettor and pipette tips.

  1. Cobra pipettes combined with Biotix Universal tips with FlexFit results in a perfect fit.


Light-weight design falls within the ideal weight range.

    2. Stainless-steel piston provides precision and durability.
    3. Fully autoclavable at 121° C, 1 atm for 20 minutes.


    4. Easily used by left-hand or right-hand users thanks to the adjustable tip-ejector button. The extra length of the pipette increases your leverage, reducing the amount of force needed for ejection.
    5. Extra-long finger hook rests securely into hands of all sizes for a firm grip.