The Biotix Optimus Rack

Make pipetting convenient again with the Optimus Rack. Available in our uTIP and xTIP4 pipette tip lines


Sample Universal Fit Pipette Tips

Sample LTS Compatible Tips





Secured Tips

The locking clasp clicks to ensure the rack is securely closed

giving you peace of mind when transporting or storing opened racks.

The rack is designed to withstand multiple drops off a lab bench,

and to lock or unlock with one hand.












Double Ball Hinge

The dual ball hinge allows the lid to open past 180° without

touching the benchtop, allowing for convenient multichannel

pipetting. The hinge is engineered for easy removal and

reattached for use with our CleanPak and Tip Eject reloads.













No Rack Lift Up

The snap card hole design prevents rack lift up by creating a flat

uniform platform. This allows for a greater pipetting angle when

removing tips.













Transparent Quality

Each lid has a 2D barcode providing easy access to your tips

quality certificates. Every rack inkjetted with the barcode has

been certified free of RNase, DNase, Endotoxins/Pyrogens, and

PCR inhibitors.










Structural Support

The Optimus Rack was engineered to survive multiple trips to

the autoclave by a ribbing network throughout the base and lid.

This network is built into the snap cards as well to inhibit the rack

from flexing when using multichannel pipettes, giving you secure

seals on each channel.










Functional Tabs

The snapcards have functional lift tabs that click when the

snapcard is secured on the base. These tabs allow you to

easily transfer refills from your CleanPak or Tip Eject

reloads one handed.











Clear Distinct Labels

The volume size, lot number, and part number is clearly

printed on the lid for easy and effortless readings.














Environmentally Conscious

The Optimus Rack is manufactured with 1/3 less plastic

than leading competitor racks while providing top

functionality and strength.