Empty Rack for 10 µL – 300 µL

Part Number: 63300151

Flexible Proximal End

Reduces the amount of force needed to attach and eject a tip, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI).


Low Retention

X-Resin is our proprietary resin that is proven to reduce sample retention resulting in improved accuracy.


Optimal Surface Area

Blade technology lowers the chance of hanging droplet formation by optimizing surface area at the distal end of the tip saving you time with each draw while improving precision.


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Small Empty Rack

Product Specifications
CompatibilityVolumeSterilizedFilteredPackaging TypeQuantityMSRP
Universal2 μL10 μL10 μL XL20 μL100 μL200 μL250 μL300 μLNoNoCleanPak10 racks/pack5 packs/case