P30XL Racked, Filtered, Sterilized

Part Number: BA-0051-3FC

All Biotix automation tips (aTIP) are manufactured to the highest engineering standards in automation. The ultra-straight tips target the center of microplate wells precisely, delivering exceptional accuracy and precision without risk of jamming, inconsistent seals, or dripping.

  • No changes in programming scripts are necessary to use Biotix tips. Use of the standard definitions bundled in the automation software program is sufficient.
  • Manufactured under stringent quality control in an ISO 9001 certified facility, each lot is tested for accuracy and precision on the tips intended platform.
  • Tips are BioReady® certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Endotoxins (pyrogens), and are available in nonsterile or pre-sterile formats.
  • Each pack of tips has the coefficient of variation (CV) printed directly on the box for your reference.
  • FlexFit Technology, found in most aTIP pipette tips for 384 platforms, ensures a secure seal.
  • Each 384 tip rack comes with Statix® technology, a copper grounding tab combined with a conductive pillow that displaces static.

Product Specifications
CompatibilityVolumeSterilizedFilteredPackaging TypeFormatQuantityMSRP
BeckmanHamilton40 μLYesYesRacked38410 racks of 384/pack5 packs/case$734.00$3,670.00