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Protect your work from the risk of contamination. Exclusive to Biotix is a proprietary Delta Filter® technology. This unique aerosol barrier incorporates a chemically inert, color change compound which not only traps aerosols and absorbs liquids, but turns blue upon contact with sample. This feature safeguards critical assays with instant visual detection and notifies technicians of pipetting errors.
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Biotix non-filter pipette tips include the patented X-Resin®, FlexFit®, and Blade® technologies for increased pipetting accuracy and precision.

Working with micro samples? Choose Chem-Resin tips to ensure you get the most sample recovery!
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Biotix robotic tips are manufactured to the highest engineering standards for automation platforms. With specifications to ensure complete compatibility, no changes in programming scripts should be necessary, however, if you need technical support, we are partnered with The LabSquad for expert, in your lab, advice and support.
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