Pipette Tips

All of our manual pipette tips are manufactured with our patented technologies for increased pipetting accuracy and precision. You get a better filter. A better fit. A Better TipTM.

  • Delta Filter™ are the only aerosol barrier tips that immediately alert you of aerosol or liquid contamination
  • Ergonomically designed FlexFit™ reduces the risk of repetitive stress disorder (RSD) while providing a superior universal fit
  • Select our premium high clarity tips made with X-Resin™ for low sample retention and exceptional pipetting accuracy
  • Choose tips made with Chem-Resin™ when working with polar solvents and other challenging electronegative chemicals
  • Blade™ technology offers increased dispensing precision while eliminating the need for tip touch-off
  • Tip Eject™ reload system saves space and reduces waste

To narrow your manual pipette tip search, please select the features you desire.

Delta Filter™