Robotic Tips

With high-throughput protocols, we know that you're looking for a tip that can meet the performance expectations of robotic applications. We've made your search easier.

Before any of our robotic tips leave the Biotix facility, they are subjected to a rigorous battery of quality and functional tests in our in-house Robotic Laboratory, ensuring that only the best tips make it to you.

  • Highest quality and most precise tips
  • Manufactured from our premium high clarity X-ResinTM for low sample retention and superior pipetting precision
  • Each tray is packaged with StatixTM to reduce automation failure caused by static
  • Patent-pending BladeTM eliminates reagent droplets and the need for tip touch-off

High Throughput Liquid Handling

To narrow your robotic pipette tip search, please select the platform you are using and the number of wells desired.

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