Tip Packaging Options

Designed for usability, sustainability and reproducibility

The Eco-Minded B3 Rack

B3 is designed to provide the optimal pipetting experience while using substantially less resources.

Meet the latest Biotix rack and check out all of its features

Tip Eject Reload

xTIP users, when you’ve got a need for speed and only have one free hand, the Tip Eject is the solution. The clear rigid plastic covering shields the tip cards from the laboratory environment from the top down.

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CleanPak Reload

CleanPak is the reload solution for the lab that is looking to maximize lab space, reduce their environmental footprint and has a tight budget to work with. But that’s just the start, see all the features that make this a great reload for your space.

Check out all the features and see how it works


Biotix tip innovation in an economical packaging format

All the Biotix  uTIP pipette tip features you rely on, in a low-cost packaging solution.

  • High Quality Biotix tips at a low price
  • Re-sealable bag
  • Tips must be racked by hand

Filter Tip Reload System

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